Navy SEAL Survival

By: Elle James

Chapter One

 “This is the life.” Dutton “Duff” Calloway stretched out on the lounge chair beside the pool and closed his eyes.

 Sawyer handed Duff a chilled and fruity Pain Killer drink before easing into the chair beside him. “I’m surprised all four of us were granted leave at the same time.” He pulled the colorful miniature umbrella out of a chunk of pineapple and dropped it on the end table between them.

 Duff downed a third of the drink. Normally he preferred an ice-cold beer. But the combination of orange juice, pineapple and whatever else went into the icy concoction was refreshing and helped add to the sense of relaxation he’d hoped to find in Cancun, Mexico. “I didn’t look that gift horse in the mouth. I took the leave and ran.”

 “Flew,” Sawyer corrected. “Yeah, I wasn’t questioning our luck, either.”

 Duff shaded his eyes and stared past the palm trees to the beach beyond. “Where do you suppose Quentin and Montana got off to?”

 “They said something about reserving a diving excursion for tomorrow. I told them to sign us up while they were at it.”

 Duff closed his eyes and soaked in the warm rays of sunshine. “Sounds good. After our last mission to clean up that terrorist training camp in Honduras, I’m satisfied to just be a bum and let the hotel staff and excursion coordinators do all the work.”

 Sawyer crossed his hands behind his head and leaned back, grinning. “Yeah. This is the life.”

 Duff’s grin matched Sawyer’s. “No boss, no guns, no terrorists. Just me, my friends and this...” He lifted the Pain Killer. “Now all we need is a good beer.”

 “And women,” Sawyer added.

 Silently, Duff agreed. How many months had it been since he’d been with one? He sighed. Too many to count.

 A giggle sounded at the opposite end of the pool and the tittering of female voices drifted through the balmy air.

 Sawyer leaned his head up. “Speak of the devils.”

 Life couldn’t get more perfect. Duff swallowed more of the fruity drink.

 The gaggle of young ladies appeared to be college-aged, all wearing bikinis and makeup, and carrying beach bags filled with towels and sunscreen.

 Duff sighed. “Too young.”

 “Hey. We’re not old men, yet.” Sawyer sat up and studied the women as they strolled past their lounge chairs, headed for the beach. “Oh, wait. You are an old man at the ripe old age of thirty.”

 “That’s right. And twenty-year-old, vapor-headed women don’t do it for me. I like mine more mature.”

 “Here you go.” Sawyer chuckled. “Mature women, three o’clock.”

 Two women who couldn’t be a day under fifty strolled by.

 Duff nodded. “I bet they know a lot more about passion than the girls headed for the beach.”

 “What about her?” Sawyer tipped his head toward the woman who’d just stepped out of the resort building. She wore a one-piece black swimsuit, the front cut in a sharp V down past her navel, her blond hair loose around her shoulders. Pausing for a moment at the door, she slipped sunglasses onto her nose. Then she strode across the concrete, her bare feet tipped in bright red polish.

 His pulse quickening, Duff couldn’t take his gaze off her. Now, this was a woman. She couldn’t be much older than the college girls, but she carried herself like a model, placing one foot in front of the other, emphasizing the sway of well-rounded hips. As she passed in front of Duff and Sawyer, Duff’s jaw dropped.

 A low whistle from the lounge at his side said it all.

 The woman’s one-piece dipped low in the back and wasn’t much more than a G-string, exposing a lush bottom with tight glutes.

 Another chuckle sounded beside him. “I’ll take that as a yes. And if you don’t go after that one, I will,” Sawyer said.

 “Who said anything about going after her?”

 “Not interested?” Sawyer swung his legs over the side of the lounge and stood. “You might want to lie in the sun all day, drinking Pain Killers...” He raised his hands. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I want to feel a woman beneath me, calling out my name in the night. And I believe she’s the one.” Sawyer touched two fingers to his temple in mock salute. “See ya later.”

 “Good luck.” Duff leaned back and closed his eyes. Yes, she was gorgeous and made his blood hum through his veins. He wouldn’t mind seducing her into his bed. If he wasn’t so darned tired, he’d follow her out to the beach with Sawyer and give the poor boy a little competition.

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