Loving the Princess(10)

By: A.C. Arthur

“I’ve already advised my assistant to pull everything we have on him. As a staff member, he would have gone through a vigorous vetting process,” Kris stated.

“More thorough than the one on Ms. Sampson’s staff, I hope,” Gary stated then immediately wished he’d kept that thought to himself.

It was because he viewed Kris as a friend and felt comfortable with him that he was able to say what was on his mind. With anyone else, Gary was instantly in soldier mode, keeping a tight lip on any and everything. Lack of communication was one of the things his ex-wife had complained about until his ears burned.

“I’ll take the fall for that,” Kris agreed. “I spent so much time studying Landry’s file that I didn’t look closely enough at Amari Taylor’s. Still, when I went back over everything that was provided for my perusal, there still wasn’t anything to indicate that he would try to harm my family.”

“That’s part of their job. They infiltrate and execute.” Gary knew that course of action all too well.

“Guess I should have joined the military like you and Roland,” Kris stated evenly.

Gary shook his head. “You took the path that was right for you. I’m the one who kept making all the wrong turns.” That’s what he liked to call the way he’d lived his life. A series of turns and roadblocks meant to ultimately get him to his destination. At thirty years old and, finally, after too many years to count, he’d been able to breathe and live contentedly. Gary was glad the turns and roadblocks were behind him.

“Where is Roland, anyway?” Gary asked. “The calendar you gave me access to doesn’t have his location.”

Kris frowned then. He looked as if he wanted to curse, or better yet, punch something, but he didn’t. Gary knew he wouldn’t. Kris wasn’t built that way.

“He goes off for days or weeks at a time and nobody really knows where he is. I asked him to be more mindful of our situation now, but you know Roland has always had a mind of his own.”

Gary nodded. “Yeah, I know how that feels.” If there was one member of the royal family Gary could totally relate to, it was Roland DeSaunters. The need to be free to roam and to make whatever decision suited him, without council, was imperative to Gary. Roland, from all that Kris had told him over the years, was the same way.

“We’re going to need to brief him eventually, when we finalize all the changes you’ve suggested,” Kris told him.

Gary nodded again. “True. In a couple of days,” he said. “I want to get a few more details locked down. Then we can talk about the probability of another strike on your family.”

Kris stared at him then, a seriously worried and annoyed look on his face. “That’s a definite probability, isn’t it?”

Gary didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

“What’s a definite probability?” Samantha asked as she stepped through the door only a few feet behind Gary.

“That it’s going to rain later,” Kris answered while Gary stepped to the side, making room for her to stand with them.

When she looked to Gary, he nodded. “We should be back from your appointments by the time the rain begins.”

She looked at Kris, her eyes narrowing as she finally shook her head. “Rain usually lasts about an hour here on the island, but as high as the temperatures are likely to be today, a shower might be welcomed. I’ll be back by dinner,” she told Kris and moved away from them, heading to her car.

For the next few seconds Gary and Kris simply stared at her walking away, until finally Kris clapped a hand on Gary’s shoulder.

“You might rethink your plan after spending the day with her when she’s in this type of mood,” Kris told him. “So I guess this is payback for letting her kiss you in the first place.”

Gary felt the corner of his mouth lift in a smile. He was certain no living and breathing man would have been able to resist kissing a woman like Samantha DeSaunters.

When Kris had walked away, feeling a little more triumphant than Gary appreciated, Gary walked over to the car. He nodded to Phillipe. The driver had remained standing by the back door, closing it only after Gary slipped onto the leather seat.

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