Miami After Hours

By: Yahrah St. John

The tycoon’s tender caress

She’s got sky-high ambitions to match the glamorous penthouses she shows, but real estate agent Angela Trainor keeps both feet firmly on the ground. Her attraction to her sexy boss, Daniel Cobb, needs to remain at bay, or it could derail her promising career. But when Daniel takes Angela under his wing, introducing her to clients at society events, mutual admiration becomes a sizzling physical connection.

Daniel has turned his starter company into Miami’s premier agency. In the process, he’s earned his place among the Millionaire Moguls—an elite and exclusive organization dedicated to paying success forward. He’s known for showering women with lavish gifts, attention…everything except commitment. Now the lovely Angela has discovered the pain in his past and is daring him to open up. But will it be enough to convince her that he wants so much more than just an unforgettable fling?

She’d clouded his thoughts until he’d finally decided he had to do something about it. He was now determined to convince her that they needed to spend time together and figure out what was between them.

Daniel placed his wineglass on the cocktail table in front of him and reached for one of Angela’s hands. “Don’t deny yourself, deny us, because you’re scared. I know we’re in uncharted territory here, but there’s something between us. You must feel it like I do.”

He watched her bring her wineglass to her mouth for a sip and realized her hand was shaking. Daniel wished he were that glass. Wished he could take her lips with his and suck the sweet juices off them. But he didn’t want to come on too strong or she would pull away.

He released her hand and rose to his feet. “Think about it.”

“You’ve certainly given me a lot to consider,” she finally said.

“I know, but when I feel strongly about something, I go after it.”

“And you want me?”

Those beautiful brown eyes of hers looked up at him expectantly.

Dear Reader,

Miami After Hours is the first book in the dynamic new Millionaire Moguls series featuring three heroes: Daniel Cobb, Joshua Delong and Ashton Rollins. In Miami After Hours, you’ll meet sexy millionaire Daniel Cobb. Daniel has been hurt in the past by unrequited love, but I infused him with just enough heart that he’s willing to risk an affair with our feisty heroine and his mentee, Angela Trainor. The chemistry between the pair is off the charts. Hope you enjoy all those steamy love scenes!

I’ve threaded a great subplot involving who will run the Miami Millionaire Moguls organization into the book. If you want to know how it will play out, you’ll need to read the next two installments in the series: A Miami Affair, Joshua’s story, and Secret Miami Nights, Ashton’s book.

Visit my website at to download my latest ebooks or write me at [email protected] for more info.


Yahrah St. John


Daniel Cobb strode through the glass doors of Cobb Luxury Real Estate, confident and poised in a custom Tom James suit and Ferragamo loafers. He’d started the company with the commissions he’d made while working with his father. Now he was the proud owner of his own thriving and highly sought-after real estate company.

Daniel only accepted wealthy clients looking for the most high-priced condominiums and homes in Miami. Anyone walking through the double glass doors of his agency knew what to expect. A skilled agent with expertise in the marketplace. As head broker, he’d hired only six other agents because he wanted to ensure that his clients received the most discriminating customer service.

Determined to make Cobb Luxury Real Estate the premier firm in Miami for luxury homes, he was at the office early in the morning and late into the night, reviewing numbers and overseeing staff. Along with his commitment to Prescott George, a men’s club he belonged to, that left very little time for play…or for women. Not that he was celibate. He had the odd date or two, which usually ended up with a beautiful female in his bed and a smile on his face. But he had no time for serious relationships.

He’d made sure of that after he’d foolishly fallen for Mia Landers back in college. She’d been petite and adorable, with dark doe eyes and a shy demeanor. Daniel had been instinctively protective of her, but Mia had been head over heels for Ashton Rollins, a fellow student of Daniel’s who paid her no attention. Daniel had thought if he bided his time, Mia would see the light. She hadn’t and had died in a tragic car accident later that year, leaving Daniel alone with his anger and regrets. And his guilt. If he’d managed to keep Mia away from Ashton, would she still be alive? Daniel would always wonder if he could have done more.

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