Miami After Hours(10)

By: Yahrah St. John

“Excellent,” Daniel commented on her acceptance of his offer. “I’ll swing by and pick you up at your place.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. I’ll just meet you at the office.”

He frowned. Even though she was his employee, he always liked to escort his women home. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” Angela smiled at him.

* * *

Once Angela made it to her apartment in Coconut Grove that evening, she kicked off her shoes at the door and plopped herself on the microsuede sofa. It had been a long day, made even longer by the fact that she’d been wearing four-inch heels. Lying back, Angela rubbed her aching feet and thought about her day.

She was thrilled that Daniel had finally taken her under his wing to assist him with selling this new development. She’d been waiting for the opportunity when she could show him that he hadn’t made a mistake in hiring her.

What she hadn’t been expecting was Daniel to ask her out. Oh sure, he disguised it as a business dinner, saying she was merely joining him at an event for an organization he was active in and it would broaden her contacts. But from all angles that she could see, it was a date. She would be his companion for the evening, when she was sure other men would be bringing their spouses or partners.

Should she be concerned that they were mixing work and pleasure? Angela didn’t think so, nor did she care. She wanted the chance to meet other affluent men and their wives who might need a real estate agent. If she played her cards right, the business that might come her way would be worth the time spent with Daniel.

Not that it would be a hardship to be his date for the evening. Daniel was a fine specimen. He was the type of man a woman could easily get addicted to if she let herself. But romance wasn’t on Angela’s agenda. Or so she told herself. She needed to wow. To impress.

Rising from the sofa, she knew just the outfit she’d wear.

It was a sleek one-shoulder black cocktail dress with a crossover skirt that gave a hint of side slit without being too revealing. She would pair it with some classic peep-toe black pumps and wear her hair in a loose chignon. She would be stylish and sophisticated and would fit in with the other women come Friday night.


On Friday evening, Daniel ventured upstairs to his office, opting to check a few emails while he waited for Angela. Although he liked to play hard and made time for extracurricular activities, he was a notorious workaholic. Plus, he was trying his best to not think of tonight as a date.

But as soon as he glanced up and saw Angela standing in the doorway, he knew he’d made a grave miscalculation. He was transfixed, staring at her with open admiration.

Tall and sleek, Angela looked radiant. Slightly tousled hair. Flawless skin with just a touch of blush. Warm brown eyes. Perfectly arched eyebrows. She was a vision in a black dress with one silky shoulder exposed to his view, along with a long expanse of leg that led to spiky heeled sandals.

He swallowed. “You clean up nice,” he managed to say, trying to find his footing in the situation.

Her brow furrowed. “Uh, thanks.”

Had she been expecting a different reaction? If he wasn’t her employer, he would have responded differently, but tonight he had to remember his hands-off policy when it came to employees.

But Angela was going to make that policy hard to follow.

He rose from his chair. “Ready to go?”

She motioned him forward. “Lead the way.”

Daniel walked toward her, and when he did he caught a hint of raspberry and…was that vanilla? The scent was fun and flirty and he couldn’t resist smiling. Or appreciating all her curves now that he was mere inches away from her.

“You look pretty good yourself,” she commented.

“Uh, thanks,” he said, mimicking her earlier response. He offered her his arm, which Angela accepted, and they headed for the elevator. He’d arranged for a driver to take them to the restaurant.

During the ride over, he hazarded a glance in Angela’s direction and caught sight of several inches of thigh, thanks to the way she’d positioned herself in the vehicle. He immediately turned his attention to the window to stare outside, reprimanding himself for looking at Angela like a beautiful woman.

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