Miami After Hours(5)

By: Yahrah St. John

He was recently featured in Miami magazine as an industry star. Everyone knew who Daniel was, including lots of women. Since she’d arrived six months ago, Angela had seen lots of wannabes sashay into Cobb’s offices trying to meet Daniel or have him show them property personally. She was sure most of them were either in the market to be a Mrs. or looking for a good time, and Daniel certainly fit the bill.

Angela tried not to notice how handsome Daniel was, but she’d failed miserably. Not only was he irrepressibly charming, but he had killer features: chiseled cheekbones, a broad nose, a strong chin and sumptuously full lips. And those eyes…

His eyes dared any woman to look into them and not get burned by their dark brown intensity. Angela always made sure not to stare too closely at him for fear she’d get tangled in the web of attraction like so many women before her.

And then there was the body. She was sure there was a vast expanse of steel-toned chest, rock-hard abs and powerful thighs underneath those designer suits he wore. They were enough to make any woman’s knees wobbly at the prospect of a passionate encounter with the man. Angela shook her head. She mustn’t think that way.

Daniel was her boss and he would remain only her boss, even if he was wearing the heck out of a Tom James suit.

“Angela.” Myrna snapped her out of her musings.


“You interested in going to lunch? Daisy will cover me while we go out.”

“I just got back to the office,” Angela responded.

“C’mon,” Myrna pleaded, “I’ve been stuck in here all day and I need a break. I can’t wait until the day when I can get out of the office and start showing houses.”

“All right,” Angela conceded, and grabbed the Prada purse that was hanging over her chair. She tossed it over her shoulder and followed the statuesque blonde out of the office, uncaring that she had the attention of the owner of the establishment.

* * *

Once they were seated at an open-air bistro facing the bay and enjoying the warm day in early May, Myrna wasted no time getting to the real reason she’d asked Angela to lunch.

“You have to tell me your secret,” Myrna stated.

“What secret?”

“How you got Daniel to notice you,” Myrna said, sipping on her iced green tea. “I’ve been trying for months, but he just looks right through me as though I’m not there.”

Angela laughed. “As if that were possible.” Myrna was gorgeous and she knew it. Every man sitting outside was giving her sideways glances. Was she really so disturbed that Daniel wasn’t one of them?

“It is,” Myrna said, pushing her Asian salad around on her plate. “I want to be an agent same as you one day, but the state test is god-awful. I’ve failed twice.”

“I’ve heard it can be difficult,” Angela responded, though it hadn’t been for her. She’d passed on her initial try and never looked back. Why? Because she’d finally found what she wanted to do in life after floundering in endless jobs for close to a decade. A career that would showcase her brain for business.

“You have no idea,” Myrna said. “And when I finally pass, I want Daniel to give me a shot, a real shot at working for him. To see me as something more than just a pretty face to wow clients when they walk through the door.”

“Do you really think that’s why he hired you?”

“C’mon, Angela,” Myrna stated, reaching for her bottle of Evian water. She unscrewed the top and drank liberally. “We both know my looks got me the job. But they won’t get me my dream job. You’re so lucky.”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” Angela replied. “But it wasn’t always this way.”

“What do you mean?”

Angela wasn’t about to share her story with Myrna, who was known to gossip in the office. She couldn’t tell her that her parents, both academics, saw Angela as a disappointment because she wasn’t more like her sister, Denise, who was working on her PhD. “I mean that sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.”

“Is that what you did?” Myrna snorted. “Yet somehow you caught Daniel’s eye.”

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