Miami After Hours(8)

By: Yahrah St. John

Angela quickly glanced around for her portfolio and purse, flustered as Daniel stared down at his Piaget watch, looking annoyed with her fumbling.

“Ticktock, Angela.”

Finding her portfolio underneath a pile of papers, she quickly grabbed it, tossed her purse over her shoulder and followed him out of the office. She gave Myrna a quick wave as they exited.

“Not much notice,” Angela replied.

Daniel turned to give her a sideward glance. “If you’re expecting our wealthy, overly indulged clients to care one iota about your time, then you’re in the wrong business.”

The elevator chimed, signaling its arrival. The cab was crowded, but with no time to spare they stepped inside. There was hardly any room so Angela’s backside was pressed against the hard wall of Daniel’s body. She was extremely uncomfortable with the close proximity and hated that the arresting scent of his cologne filled her senses.

Why did the man have to smell so good?

When one of the occupants from the rear came forward to get off at a lower floor, jostling her, Daniel’s muscled arm instantly reached out and circled her middle, preventing her from falling. Angela’s breath hitched in her throat at the contact. It was a shock to have Daniel’s hands anywhere on her body. When she righted herself, she glanced behind her.

“Th-thank you.”

He grinned as if he knew the devastating effect he had on women, including her. “You’re welcome.”

Angela was thankful when they arrived at the VIP level of the building’s garage and disembarked without incident. She followed Daniel to his Ferrari. It was gleaming and shiny and looked like just the kind of toy a playboy like Daniel would drive.

“Buckle up. We need to get to our destination in a hurry,” Daniel said as she tried to get into the low-slung car as femininely as possible.

Seconds later, all Angela heard was the screeching of the tires as he sped out of the parking space and zoomed out of the garage.

They arrived at their appointment with minutes to spare. Daniel quickly exited the car, then came around to open her car door and offer her a hand.

She slid hers inside his and noted how warm his hands felt. Would they feel that way on my body? Yikes, when had she gone down this path of thinking of Daniel as a man instead of her boss? Myrna. She was going to have to stop listening to the blonde’s flights of fancy.

They walked side by side into the building, but again Daniel was ever the gentleman, opening the glass door for her. He led her to the sales office that was next to the entrance. It was light and airy with lots of natural sunlight and bright colors, and it held a scale model of what the building and amenities would look like, including a rooftop deck, a fitness center with a sauna and even a Starbucks.

“Daniel! There you are.” A dark-haired Latino man rushed toward him. Similar to Daniel, he was stylishly dressed in a designer suit, and it was clear he had a good barber, because there wasn’t a hair out of place.

“Eduardo.” Daniel extended his hand. “Good to see you.”

Eduardo eyed Angela at his side. “And who did you bring with you? A buyer perhaps for my amazing condo?”

Angela smiled. She was glad she was wearing Dolce & Gabbana today and looked like she could afford to buy a place like this.

Daniel gave her a cursory glance. “Afraid not. Eduardo Torres, meet Angela Trainor, one of my agents I’m mentoring. Angela will be working with me on this project.”

Eduardo gave him a grin. “I can see why.” He eyed Angela from her stilettos to her face. “Eye candy will be good for business.”

Angela opened her mouth to tell Mr. Eduardo Torres a thing or two, but Daniel shook his head.

“Come, let’s talk.” Daniel placed his massive hand on Eduardo’s narrow shoulders and started walking toward the table that had the model of the building.

Angela had no choice but to follow behind them. She didn’t like how Eduardo made her feel, as if she were irrelevant and only there for show. She was a darn good real estate agent and getting better every day. She would have to assert herself so he saw her as something other than a pretty face.

“When are you going to have the marketing campaign ready?” Eduardo inquired. “It’s important that the project make a splash on the market and we maybe get some offers at the launch party.”

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