Miami After Hours(9)

By: Yahrah St. John

“Relax, Eduardo,” Daniel said in a soft tone to calm the highly charged man. “This isn’t my first rodeo.” He used Angela’s turn of phrase from earlier. “I’ve steered several projects toward full occupancy before the buildings were built.”

“But none of this size,” Eduardo responded quickly. “This building will have eighty units. That’s a lot to sell in eighteen months.”

“And I—correction, we—” Daniel glanced over at Angela and despite herself, her heart fluttered in her chest “—will sell out these units. You’ve come to the right firm, Eduardo. You just have to give us time to come up with the right plan to market to these hip millennials. Trust me, we’ll have this place filled in no time.”

After Eduardo departed, leaving them alone in the sales office, Daniel turned to her. “This project is a big deal for Cobb Luxury Real Estate.”

“And you’re going to do great,” Angela commented. “I mean, we’re going to do great.”

“You say that like you mean it.”

Angela’s brow furrowed. “I do mean it. I came here because of your reputation. Everyone’s talking about you, Daniel. They know you have your pulse on the real estate market in South Florida. Everyone wants to emulate you, be you.”

Daniel stood back and regarded her. “Including you?”

Angela locked eyes with his. “Of course. I would imagine you get a thrill out of having all of us lowly peons looking up to the great Daniel Cobb for advice and guidance.”

Daniel chuckled. “It’s not always easy being at the top. There’s a long fall to the bottom.”

“Ah, but you’re one of the Millionaire Moguls,” Angela responded. “With their backing behind you, I’m sure the members alone could buy up this place in a heartbeat.”

“So you’ve heard of us?” There was a smile in his voice.

“Who in Miami hasn’t? You’re synonymous with wealth and tradition.”

Daniel pointed his finger. “See, that’s the image I no longer want for the organization. It’s time to bring them forward to the new millennium.”

“And you’re just the man to do that?”

“One of them,” Daniel said. “Speaking of the Millionaire Moguls, I’d like you to join me for a dinner we’re having on Friday night.”

Angela cleared her throat. Had she heard him correctly? Was he asking her out? “Join you?”

“Yes,” Daniel replied, “I think it would be great for you to meet some of the influential members of the organization. Could be potential clients for you. What do you say?”

There was no way she was turning down an invitation to rub elbows with the rich and famous. She gave him her most dazzling smile. “Count me in.”

* * *

Why in the hell had he just asked Angela to join him at the Millionaire Moguls monthly dinner? It was usually reserved for members and their spouses or significant others, of which Angela was neither. Yet there was something about her that Daniel liked. She was smart and confident and spoke her mind. He liked that in a woman. Not to mention the fact that she was hot as hell.

Of course, he had no intention of going there with Angela. He was just curious to learn more about her. It had been a while since a woman had piqued his interest. Made him want to see what was under the hood rather than just admiring the package. And Lord knew, Angela was one helluva package.

Take today for instance. She’d shown poise and professionalism when Eduardo treated her disrespectfully by speaking solely to Daniel even though he’d told the Cuban that Angela would work on the project with him. Instead of reacting, she’d quietly stood by and when the moment was right, she’d interjected herself into the conversation with pointed information on the Miami market. Slowly, he’d seen Eduardo warm up to the notion that this beautiful woman had a head on her shoulders.

He, too, had admired the authority with which she spoke. It’s why he’d uncharacteristically asked out an employee, something he never did. But she didn’t need to know that. All she would think was that he was her mentor and showing her the ropes.

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