The Tycoon's Shock Heir

By: Bella Frances

She’s carrying the Rossini baby...

Will she become the billionaire’s bride?

Restoring his family’s legacy is all that’s important to Italian tycoon Matteo Rossini. Until captivating ballerina Ruby Martin tempts him to abandon his pursuit for a night of fiery pleasure! Yet when sweet Ruby confesses she’s pregnant, Matteo demands his child. But with heat still burning between them, can Matteo ignore his desire for Ruby, too?

Experience the drama in this pregnancy romance!

“I’m pregnant,” Ruby blurted.

“You’re what?” Matteo said, the words he most dreaded punching him in the stomach like two fists. “No,” he started, shaking his head.

He was at the window—somehow. His hands were in his hair, on his face, in fists on the glass. He spun around.

“How can you be? Didn’t we... Weren’t you...”

He paced again—to the bathroom. He opened the door and turned on the tap, let cold water gather into his hands and splashed it on his face. He stared at himself in the mirror.

A father? That wasn’t the face of a father!

He wasn’t cut out for that. He wasn’t even cutting his own path in life—he hadn’t filled his father’s shoes in business—never mind having a kid of his own. He could never be a father, not now, like this.

He walked back out. She was still there, standing exactly as he’d left her.

Dear God, what had he done?

Silent, soulful sobs began to rack her body. He thought of his mother’s face, his father’s smile, the mess he’d made of his life...

And this woman, this beautiful creature standing before him, now sharing a life between them.

Unable to sit still without reading, Bella Frances first found romantic fiction at the age of twelve, in between deadly dull knitting patterns and recipes in the pages of her grandmother’s magazines. An obsession was born! But it wasn’t until one long, hot summer, after completing her first degree in English literature, that she fell upon the legends that are Harlequin books. She has occasionally lifted her head out of them since to do a range of jobs, including barmaid, financial adviser and teacher, as well as to practice (but never perfect) the art of motherhood to two (almost grown-up) cherubs.

Bella lives a very energetic life in the UK but tries desperately to travel for pleasure at least once a month—strictly in the interests of research!


FRIDAY AFTERNOON. BEST TIME in the world. Working week wrapped up and the party just about to start. And, with the news he’d just heard, Matteo Rossini knew it was going to be some party.

He stepped out of the car, loosened his tie and took the steps into his jet for the last task of the day—the short flight from Rome to London and a call to the Executive Director, Signora Rossini herself. Mamma to him.

He walked through the cabin and sat at his desk, ready to sink his Friday beer. It wasn’t there.

He slung his bag on the empty chair and looked around. Neither was his assistant David. Strange. They had this routine down—the beer, the call, some water, some press-ups, shower and change, the car ready in London, sometimes a woman, sometimes not. Tonight was definitely a ‘sometimes not’ night. Tonight was boxing, a little gambling and all-male bonding—as soon as he delivered the news.

He sat down and keyed in the number. Drummed his fingers. Looked around again for David. Where was he?

At the sound of a beer being opened he turned, just as the call connected. He noticed the legs first, then the red dress. Definitely not David. He frowned and swivelled away from the sight as the bottle was placed beside him. Someone had some explaining to do.

‘Hey, it’s me.’

‘Matteo! Good. I was just going to call you.’

‘Well, here I am. With some news.’

‘OK? You first, then.’

His heart raced. This was it.

‘Arturo is finally selling. And we’ve got first refusal.’ He touched the beer bottle, waited to hear his mother’s response.

‘Seriously? After all this time? That’s incredible news.’

Matteo allowed his fingers to close round the neck of the bottle. Indeed it was.

‘How did you find out?’

‘It wasn’t hard. I heard a rumour and did a little digging. Word is he’s had enough. He wants out and we’re the only ones in the running...’

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