The Secret Beneath the Veil(74)

By: Dani Collins

Dare would have said the whole ‘time standing still’ thing was just hogwash, but right then he couldn’t hear a leaf rustling, or a bird calling, his mind empty of everything that didn’t include getting her naked and horizontal as soon as possible.

Instinctively his free hand came around to draw her closer when the sound of yapping at his feet broke the spell. Disconcerted, Dare looked down into the upturned face of an ugly little mutt the size of a cat with its tongue hanging out. He grinned. ‘This the big dog you were chasing?’

The redhead stepped back and threw him a filthy look as she reached for the small dog that danced just out of her reach.

‘Gregory,’ she growled in a warning voice. ‘Heel.’

Dare would have laughed at her futile attempts to stay the dog if he hadn’t been feeling so out of sorts.

‘Here.’ He held the necklace out impatiently as she made to run after the dog. ‘Don’t forget your gift.’

Turning on him with a malevolent look, she snatched the necklace from his hand and took off after the mutt. He doubted he’d have cause to see her again but strangely he found he wanted to.

Shaking his head, he walked back to his bike and shoved his helmet on, dismissing the pool girl from his mind as he gunned the engine and headed to the main house.

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