Claiming the Drakos Heir

By: Jennifer Faye

The rebel bachelor is back...

To claim her baby!

In this Greek Island Brides story, pregnant surrogate Popi Costas is faced with raising her late sister’s child alone, until the baby’s wealthy uncle arrives to take charge! Apollo Drakos is distractingly handsome, but Popi won’t let that stop her from fighting to keep the baby. Yet as she gets to know the man behind the wild card reputation, Popi’s reconsidering welcoming Apollo into her new little family...

Greek Island Brides

Finding love that lasts to infinity!

All marriages that take place on renowned wedding destination Infinity Island are guaranteed to last forever!

And the picturesque Greek island is about to weave its magic for friends Lea, Popi and Stasia. They dream of finding their own happily-ever-afters... And they’re about to meet three billionaires who will sweep them off their feet—and down the aisle!

Follow Lea’s journey from surprise pregnancy to dream proposal in

Carrying the Greek Tycoon’s Baby

And discover Popi’s journey from surrogate to unexpected mom in

Claiming the Drakos Heir

Both available now!

Look out for Stasia’s story

Coming soon!

Dear Reader,

Even in the deepest, darkest of tragedies, a tiny miracle can occur. And from that miracle, healing can begin. At least that’s what happens with Popi and Apollo.

When a freak accident kills Popi’s adopted sister and brother-in-law, she is left carrying her sister’s baby. Agreeing to be a surrogate had been a big decision for Popi and one she hadn’t taken lightly. And now that her sister is gone, it is up to Popi to step up and raise the child of her heart.

Just when Popi has begun making plans for a family, the baby’s globe-trotting uncle shows up on Infinity Island. He’s there to claim his niece or nephew, but the baby has yet to be born. In an effort to honor their siblings’ memories, both Popi and Apollo want custody of the child. With Apollo being the biological relative, he thinks he has an edge, but Popi believes that it takes more than a blood link to make a family. She believes it takes love, time and devotion.

However, they soon learn that it’s going to take both of them to bring this precious bundle into the world. One night when the lights go out during a horrific storm, they have to learn to trust each other. There’s no other way to deliver a healthy baby. But will that trust last after the sun comes up? And will baby make three?

Happy reading,




And nothing was going to go wrong.

Popi Costas assured herself that all would be well on this gorgeous autumn day. After all, she’d gone over every detail at least a dozen times. This was the most important wedding that she’d ever planned—even topping the royal wedding they’d hosted earlier that year.

This was the last wedding on Infinity Island before the groom, Xander, brought in work crews to give the private Greek island a much-needed facelift. In fact, they’d been having all the residents pack up their things so they could be put into storage while the renovations took place.

In the meantime, Popi planned to visit with her parents until the work on the island was complete. And after all the misery they’d faced that summer, they all needed some happiness. She could barely believe two months had passed since her adopted sister and brother-in-law had been alive in one breath...

And gone in the next.

How had it all gone so wrong? Popi had asked herself that question countless times. And she’d never come up with a sufficient answer. All she knew was what she’d been told—her sister and brother-in-law had died in a boating accident.

Something had triggered an explosion and no one had escaped the blazing inferno in the middle of the sea. It felt as though a piece of Popi had died along with them. If only she’d have said something... Done something...

She halted her thoughts. Today was about her best friend, Lea, getting married to the love of her life. If two people ever belonged together, it was the two of them—


Popi lowered the curling iron she’d been using to put elegant barrel rolls in her long hair. With only half her hair curled, she really didn’t need any interruptions right now. If it was Lea, she would let herself inside. So it had to be someone else. Maybe if she ignored her unwanted guest, they would go away. Yes, that sounded like a good plan.

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