Teach Me What Love Is

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Faith doesn’t know what real love is, and neither do the three older men she falls for. They may be older and more experienced, but none of them are prepared for love or the danger attached to it. Faith was beaten by the one man she thought she loved. She’s a shy school teacher and Rocky, Paulie, and Hendrick are the epitome of intimidation. They are older, experienced, and cocky. They say opposites attract, but it seems all four of them need to learn a lot about love, and perhaps desire gives them the open door they need to learn.

Faith has loved and been betrayed. Rocky, Hendrick, and Paulie lost a brother to an addiction and his lost opportunity at falling in love and starting a family. When they meet Faith they think they can run the show despite how different it feels to be with her. Soon the teachers become the taught, and they all heal from their pasts and learn to love just in time to have it all taken away by a man from her past. Can their love help them to survive this? It’s all on the line but even timid, shy Faith has learned a thing or two from her soldier, SWAT boyfriends, and she’s willing to die to protect them.


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Faith has a broken heart. She has lost what little confidence she had and fears that she can’t read people, especially men, and determine if they want to use her or actually care. Her shyness and sweet demeanor seem to be a target for aggressive men.

After being hurt by an ex-boyfriend, she surely doesn’t want to experience such pain ever again. So she focuses on being a teacher, on the children in her class whom she adores, and prefers being alone more often than not. It’s when her friends harass her about hanging out, and it becomes too much to ignore, that she gives in and goes out with them.

When she feels an attraction like nothing she has ever felt before to three brothers, she is hesitant to give into the sensations. Rocky, Hendrick, and Paulie are older, more experienced, and willing to learn more about this sexy little school teacher, with her designer eyeglasses, her baby blue eyes, and a shyness, yet sophistication that pulls on their protective strings. One kiss, and a few doses of jealousy, and they’re hooked. Can they convince her to take a chance with them?

Faith wants to know what true love is, and whether or not it really exists. Her fears are authentic, and her fight to protect a broken heart make it difficult for these three men to show her that love is real.

May you enjoy Faith’s journey.

Happy reading.




Andrew Price sat in his truck across from the elementary school. Mercy was a quiet beach town. A place where families loved to raise their children. Where they felt safe and secure with the local police patrolling and basically very low crime rates. That unrealistic perspective made these people sitting targets. If he had his sniper rifle, he could knock them off one after the next and no one would know where it came from. He felt uneasy just thinking that. His focus was on his little beauty. The sweet, sensual blonde, as she watched the little kids playing and received hugs on her legs against the long floral skirt she wore today. His woman, or at least she used to be.

Faith was everything to him. She kept him sane, calmed him, but the demons were too powerful. The stresses of life and what he wanted, what he deserved cost him everything. Including almost his sanity. That was why he needed her, or at minimum to see her, to watch her, to know she was there and that when the time came he could have her once again. He needed to be patient though. He was working too many things right now. Today was a risk, coming here, seeking her out. He drove the three hours but it was worth it. A whole year passed and his woman looked even more beautiful.

She didn’t know how gorgeous she was, how appealing. So shy and innocent, a virgin. His virgin he never had the opportunity to claim because he screwed up. In his job, in his relationship with her, and securing his hold on her heart and on her soul. He would work on that now and from a distance. She would get his first gift soon enough. He would get her to forgive him, to accept his apology and then accept him in her life again. It would all come back together. He would fix it all.

She would be with him now if he hadn’t struck her, beat her, took his rage and anger on his boss out on her. He was too caught up in the people he owed money to, and what needed to be done to finish off his deal with Greg. He wasn’t going to settle for a shake of the hand and a “see ya,” “good luck next time,” or some other load of bullshit. He was more than capable of handling the jobs. That corporate asshole Leonard Strayffer gave orders, declined Andrew for the higher paying job because he was anti military, plain and simple. The fucking hippie bastard and his fellow business buddies were all haters.

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