Can't Hurry Love(4)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I heard that the building the Corpese own with Francesca’s family came out amazing. I think a friend of theirs was the decorator or something,” Covaney said.

“Well give Francesca a call and find out about the company. Start getting some estimates. I can put Cherise on it if you’re too busy,” Costanza said, referring to their personal assistant.

“Are you kidding? I love this stuff. This is going to be my little project,” Merdock said with a smirk.

“Our little project, Merdock. You know you’ll screw it up without us making decisions with you,” Covaney said, and Merdock exhaled.

“He knows you so well,” Costanza added before he headed out of the building for his lunch meeting.

Nothing really got him smiling or inspired, but he was glad to see at least his brothers’ interest was piqued. Originally from Brazil, they came here as children and worked their way into the black market to make money and to get their school education. All three of them had a rough start in life. Costanza did things he would never speak of and was a victim more times than he cared to remember. Throughout their struggles and the violence all three men sustained, they prevailed and ultimately achieved the dream of being free. Free from starvation, free from abuse, and free from debt. His focus on money, making it, and establishing a reputation as a shrewd businessman was accomplished five years ago. He wasn’t getting any younger. As the oldest, forty, he didn’t trust easily. In fact, there were very few people he truly trusted.

As he left, and the cool air hit his cheeks, he realized that this was a great time to do some renovations and then get the hotel up and running in time for spring and summer reservations. He hated to admit that he enjoyed taking something broken down, on its last leg and turning it into something beautiful and eye-catching. This hotel would be successful. They never invested in anything that wasn’t. As he thought that, he thought of Elora, and it surprised him. He hardly ever thought of her anymore. The memories, the ache in his heart well past the pain of losing her. Merdock never really got over Elora. She had truly broken their hearts when she left them. When she cheated on them with other men, it changed all three of their perspectives on women and made them especially distrusting to all women in general. They didn’t suffer in that department. When they had needs, they each took care of it in their own ways, and never together. No, Elora had destroyed that bond they shared, that closeness they risked by loving her together. They should have known that all she wanted was their money.

As he got into his Range Rover, his cell phone rang. He saw that it was his PA Cherise and was grateful to push the current thoughts from his head and focus on the here and now instead of the ghosts of his past, and one of the biggest mistakes he ever made.

“Hello, Cherise.”

“Hello, Mr. Lopez. Sorry to bother you, but I just got a call from Mr. Willworth. He’d like to make plans to meet you at the gallery event this Saturday evening in Mercy. Will that work for you?”

He exhaled. “I know he wants to discuss a few things. I suppose under more relaxing circumstances. Tell him that will be fine but that I am meeting friends, so our meeting will have to take place at nine p.m.”

“I’ll forward the message, sir.”

“Thank you.” He ended the call and licked his lips, heading straight for the restaurant in Fulton to meet Pelham, Carson, and Warren to discuss some business and make plans for a little business cruise they would all be attending next week. The host, Hublin Willworth’s plan was to invite certain business associates he wanted to entice into an investment as well as secure for particular jobs in that investment. Hublin was also opening up a new bar and restaurant in North Carolina that he needed security for and other business needs that were right up Costanza’s ally. It would be a day of fine dining on the water and negotiating positions besides new endeavors to make money together. There would also be plenty of women, as well as normal business people just looking to land positions in any businesses Hublin had. Of course he wanted Costanza and his brothers along to represent their friendship and business relationship. He was a character and a half.

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