The Billionaires Love Curves(6)

By: Cj Howard


He dazzled her with his bright smile. It comforted here but made her uneasy all at the same time, especially as his eyes appeared to be taking in her curves.

“I'd rather we kept this strictly business, Mr. Horwood,” she said, lowering her eyes.

“Please, call me Nate.”

“Nate, I, um, value the fact you are giving up your time. I feel honored.”

“Where are you from, Lacey?”

“I'm sorry?”

“I want to know more about you, you intrigue me.”

I don't think….”

“No, tell me, or, wait – let me guess. You grew up in some back street area of New York, worked nights to put yourself through school and you send money back to your folks to help them with the rent money.”

“Well, did you just swallow Wikipedia or have you been stalking me?”

He laughed. She liked his laugh, it made him look boyish. There was something very engaging about him when he was this relaxed.

“I have ways of finding things out.” He said becoming serious again. “I want to know who I can take into my confidence, who I can trust, who I can take out on a date.”

Lacey stood abruptly.

“Please Mr. Horwood, if this is your idea of trying to lure me into your bedroom for a night you may as well just stop there.”

He stood, too.

“Why are you getting defensive, Lacey? What's wrong?”

'This is all wrong. You think because I come from a slum area I'd be willing to drop my pants because you could afford to show me a good time? Well, I'm sorry. I'm not that kind of girl.”

“I know that, Lacey. I told you I have ways of finding out about people, and I think I know what kind of girl you are. I know you're not like that and that's why I want to ask you out on a date. You'd be amazed how many people want to get close to you when you have money.”

'Are you for real” she said.

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Well, yes but…”

'Wouldn't you like to get to know who I really am rather than seeing me as some rich, hedonistic bastard?”

“Please, I never said that.'

'But the thought did cross your mind. I became a billionaire because I saw what I wanted and I went for it. The thing is, Lacey, I am deeply, deeply, attracted to you. I was from the first moment you walked into that boardroom. And I'm not talking about sex. I saw something, a quality that peaked my interest. And then you came up with that pitch. I saw you had brains too, and personality. What can I say? I fell for you. Now if you think this was all orchestrated just to lure you into my bed, then you really don't know me at all. Wikipedia or no Wikipedia.”

This time they both smiled. He was looking intently into her eyes and not blinking. She was looking up at him and feeling like her heart would explode from her chest. The fact is, she was attracted to him too. Not in a million years would she expect him to feel the same.

“I want to learn more about the business,” she said. “That's my priority here.”

“Fine by me,” he said.

“So you’ll teach me all you know?”

“I promise. But do you promise to go on one date with me and see if you can get to like who I am?”

She stepped away from him. Somehow, during his monologue he had moved closer and closer to her, the exciting scent of his body had made her almost giddy and she tried not to look at the broadness of his shoulders, the strong but elegant neck that gave him an air of grandeur. Instead she blinked hard and tried not to let him see how much just looking into his eyes as he spoke those words, made her tremble just behind her knees.

“What would people say?” Lacey said. “What would Ali Russell think if we went on a date?” She turned her back on him and walked towards his desk.

“No one has to know. You needn't say anything to anyone. In fact it's much better that way.”

She turned around and found he was right behind her, she jumped and rested her hands on his chest, either to steady herself or stop his advancement.

“I'm sorry, did I startle you?” He said.

“No, no you didn't. I just didn't realize how close you were,” she lied.

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