By: Helenkay Dimon

The elite Corcoran Team has a new hero in HelenKay Dimon’s     Relentless!

Branded a traitor for exposing high-level corruption, former     NCIS agent Ben Tanner needs to redeem himself. When the hot new operative saves     nurse Jocelyn Raine from a brutal attacker, he embarks on his most challenging     mission yet: discovering who’s after the strong, sexy woman--and trying his best     not to fall for her. She has, he learns, something in her past she wants to     remain hidden.

But when the attacks on Jocelyn continue, Ben takes her on     the run to protect her. Sparks ignite and tension is high as their options     dwindle. It’s possible Jocelyn’s secret has endangered them both. Now it’s Ben’s     job to see they survive the fallout.…

He waited until she glanced up. The wary darkness had vanished somewhat, but not totally. “You okay being here?” he asked.

“I see the shooting when I close my eyes. It hardly matters if I’m here or back at the house.”

Not that he could blame her. The latest shoot-out was on a slow-motion reel in his head, as well. “For a few hours last evening you seemed to forget.”

She slipped her fingers through his. “And I plan to use that tactic again tonight.”

“Never been called a tactic before.” This woman could call him anything she wanted. Could do anything she wanted with him. They’d been on fast-forward since they met, and he did not want to slow them down.

Still, hand-holding at a crime scene qualified as unprofessional and borderline stupid, so Ben gave the back of her hand a quick rub then let go.

Even though every bone in his body begged him not to.


Ben Tanner—A former NCIS special agent and current member of the Corcoran Team. He doesn’t hide his interest in the pretty nurse from his last job. When she says no to a date, he keeps asking until he gets a yes. All goes well until she’s attacked after they say goodnight, making him wonder if he’s the true target or if she is.

Jocelyn Raine—She fought off a stalker and put that life behind her. After relocating and starting over as a nurse in a different state and at another hospital, she is ready for a quiet life. A normal, scare-free one. Then Ben, with his guns and his undercover work, walks into her life, and nothing is ever the same.

Gary Taub—He possesses the money, resources and power to make things happen. He also has a new obsession with Jocelyn and a taste for revenge—a potentially dangerous combination. Only he knows how far he will go and if he can do it alone.

Colin Grange—He’s Taub’s right-hand man. He’s seen the boss’s plans, but is there more to him than the boss thinks?

Glen Willoughby—The detective shows up everywhere and isn’t afraid to issue a few threats against the Corcoran Team. He insists on being involved in all aspects of the investigation, which makes more than one team member wonder which side he’s on.

Kent Beane—He’s a simple banker…or is he?

Ed Ebersole—He’s bank security and went missing when the danger came. He’s helping now but the Corcoran Team is still watching and waiting to see what he’ll do next.

Connor Bowen—The leader of the Corcoran Team is wrestling with some heavy-duty secrets of his own. He remains focused and determined, but whatever is on his mind is starting to affect the team.

To Laura Bradford and Dana Hamilton—

I’m thrilled to be working with both of you.

Chapter One

Jocelyn Raine walked under the wrought-iron archway and followed the path to her garden apartment. It was just after nine and the sun had disappeared behind the Annapolis, Maryland, horizon about a half hour ago. Lights inset in the pavers crisscrossed, highlighting the way as she turned right and jogged up the three steps to her front door.

Her cell buzzed at the same time she reached for her keys. While juggling her small purse, she almost dropped the phone. It slipped out of one hand but she caught it in the other before it hit the hard concrete of the small porch.

She swiped her finger over the screen. The promised check-in text from Ben Tanner greeted her. The guy had light brown hair in a short, almost military cut and the most compelling olive-green eyes she’d ever seen.

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