Katie's Mates

By: Alicia White

Novikov Clan 2

Katie Kaltman had been taking care of her older sister Chloe since her husband's sudden death. For over a month, she went to her sister's house to cook and clean. When her sister gets a letter with her late husband's last wish, Chloe immediately packs up and heads off to Alaska.

After a week goes by with no word, Katie decides to take things in her own hands. She goes to Alaska searching for her. When she finally reaches Alaska, she meets a charming man who promises to take her to her sister.

Ryan Novikov knows the woman looking for his Alpha's mate is his mate. He takes her home to his brothers instead of taking her to her sister. Nathan, Ethan, and Lucas know that she is their mate as well. Now they just need to charm her and convince her that she belongs to them before she can run away.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


For all the fans who loved Chloe’s New Beginning. I promise that this book won’t make you cry, like that one did (cross my heart). This book was fun to write, one spunky woman with four Alpha men. I hope you love Katie just as much. Happy reading!

Chapter 1

Katie unlocked the door to her sister’s house in downtown Portland. She’d been trying to contact her, calling and texting with no response. She was starting to get worried. She had sent her sister off to Alaska to visit her deceased husband’s family and hadn’t heard a thing for a week already. She walked into the house, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke still lingered in the air. The whole house was littered with alcohol bottles. It was depressing, and she felt her sister’s sadness all around her.

Katie wasn’t at the house to clean, though. She’d already done that too many times to count. Her only thought was to try to find her sister. She needed to know where Conner had sent her. She looked through the house, hoping that her sister didn’t take the letter that Conner had left her. She needed a clue, somewhere to start. She started in the kitchen, searching the counters, moving the trash out of her way.

“Damn it, Chloe.” She grabbed her cell phone and dialed her number once more. She got her voice mail after only one ring. “Chloe…it’s me. If I don’t hear from you I’m flying to Alaska. This is your last chance. Where are you?” She hung up the phone and ran upstairs to check the bedroom. She needed to get to the airport. She kept seeing her sister crying and begging for her. When Chloe left, she’d been so fragile, so depressed and emotional. It wasn’t normal for Katie to not hear from her sister. They had always been close, but since Conner had died, their relationship had been strained.

Katie looked around the bedroom, seeing clothes thrown around the room and their wedding pictures everywhere. It was sad. The whole house was a tribute to Conner. Everywhere she turned, there were signs of their life together, and it looked like her sister was purposely hurting herself. Katie walked to the bed and sat down, looking around the room, feeling her sister’s sadness like a heavy blanket around her.

She looked down on the bed and found the letter she had been looking for. It wasn’t hidden, just lying on the bed in plain sight. She read it over, Conner’s words ringing in her ears, especially at the word secrets. It seemed that he had some. What had Chloe walked into? What could her late husband have been hiding from her? What if he was already married or had a child with another woman that he had kept hidden in Alaska? Was Chloe safe, or was she in danger? Questions ran through her mind, making bile rise in her throat.

She took a deep breath to get her mind under control, took the letter, and headed out to her car. It was time to go to Alaska. She needed to get her sister and bring her home. If she got there and she needed help, she could call the police. Right now, she just wanted to get to the north entrance of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and find where her sister was.

Someone had to know what happened to her. Someone had to have seen her. Chloe wasn’t the adventurous type. She wouldn’t do anything to put her own safety in jeopardy. At least she wouldn’t have before Conner’s death. Now she wasn’t so sure. Her attitude had been so full of despair lately, she’d shut down completely, and now Katie wasn’t sure what was happening with her sister. She had tried to reach her, even went to her house to cook and clean, but the loss had been such a shocking blow that she’d never seen her sister break down like that before.

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