The Girl Who Wouldn't Stay Dead

By: Cassie Miles

After more than one attempt is made on her life

an old friend steps in as her protector...

Emily Benton-Riggs would be dead if her best friend hadn’t shown up in time. Someone doesn’t want her to inherit her ex-husband’s Aspen estate, and now attorney Connor Gallagher won’t let the widowed art dealer out of his sight. Emily has always had powerful feelings for Connor. As they give in to the desire flaring between them, she suddenly has the best reason of all to fight for her life.

“My bedroom is upstairs.”


“It’s where I keep my Beretta.”

“Say no more.”

He scooped her into his arms and cradled her against his chest. Her good arm was closest to his body, and she slipped her hand up and around his neck. Her intention had been to make it easier to carry her. The effect was different—warm, sensual and intimate.

Emily had known Connor for years, which meant plenty of hugs and casual physical contact. Once or twice, they’d danced together. Other than the few kisses they’d shared, nothing had felt as extraordinary and personal as this moment. It seemed like they existed in a bubble that was their own special world.

Two layers of fabric separated them: her velour sweatshirt and his black V-neck cashmere sweater. And yet their touch started a friction that thrilled her. Was it possible for her to hear his heartbeat or was she imagining the steady, strong thump? She was utterly, totally, happily aware of him as a man.


Emily Benton-Riggs—She escaped a rough childhood and a bad marriage. Will she survive a murderer who comes after her again and again?

Connor Gallagher—For years, he’s been Emily’s lawyer and best friend. He hopes their relationship will evolve into something more.

Jamison Riggs—Emily divorced the Wall Street broker over a year ago. He died recently under mysterious circumstances.

Glenda Riggs—The matriarch of the wealthy, powerful family based in Aspen, Colorado.

Patricia Riggs—Jamison’s cousin is a sharp businesswoman who keeps the family enterprises running smoothly.

Phillip Riggs—Patricia’s ski-bum brother lives in the house that Emily recently inherited from her deceased ex-husband.

Dr. Eric Thorson—The ER doctor at a clinic in Aspen has a specialty in virology. He is engaged to Patricia.

Kate Sylvester—Jamison’s fiery lover and partner at the brokerage firm has a talent for breaking up marriages.

Deputy Rafe Sandoval—The Pitkin County officer is the first to suspect murder.

SAC Jaiden Wellborn—The well-dressed FBI agent who specializes in white-collar crime started his investigation with Jamison’s death.

Robert O’Brien—A detective hired by Connor to follow up on the investigation.

TJ Beverly—She’s a former marine who is hired as a bodyguard by Connor.

To Annie Underwood Perry and the latest addition to her family. And, as always, to Rick.

Chapter One

She had to wake up. Someone was trying to kill her.

Her eyelids snapped open. Her vision was blurred. Every part of her body hurt.

Emily Benton-Riggs inhaled a sharp gasp. The chilly night air pierced her lungs like a knife between the ribs. Slowly, she exhaled, then drew a breath again and tried to focus. She was still in the car but not sitting upright. Her little Hyundai had flipped, rolled and smacked into the granite side of a mountain at least twice on the way down, maybe more. The car had landed on the driver’s side.

Likewise, her brain was jumbled. Nothing was clear.

Even in her dazed state, she was glad to be alive—grateful and also a little bit surprised. The past few years of her life had moments of such flat-out misery that she’d come to expect the worst. And yet, recently, things seemed to be turning around. She liked her rented bungalow in Denver, and her work was satisfying. Plus, she’d just learned that she might be a very wealthy woman. I can’t give up. It’d take more than crashing through the guardrail on a narrow mountain road near Aspen and plummeting down a sheer cliff to kill her.

Her forehead felt damp. When she pushed her bangs back and touched the wet spot above her hairline, her pain shot into high gear. Every twitch, every movement set off a fresh agony. Her hand came away bloody.

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