The Right Mr. Wrong

By: Natalie Anderson

“Will you marry me?”

Isn’t that the question every girl dreams of hearing? Victoria certainly used to think so. And safe, steady Oliver seemed perfect husband material. But that was until she met Liam, his rebellious, scorchingly hot best friend. Suddenly Victoria’s feeling things—crazy lust-fueled things!—she’s never felt before. But for the wrong guy… Then Oliver goes down on one knee, and it’s decision time—head or hormones?

Victoria’s about to discover the truth about guys like Liam—once you go bad you never go back!

The Right Mr. Wrong

“I’m going to take my time and I’m going to savor every second I have. Don’t plan on sleeping any tonight.”


He didn’t take his eyes off her and she couldn’t drag hers away, not when his eyes were deepening so quickly—and inviting. “Is that a problem?”

She shook her head, unable to make a sound.

His hands loosened on her wrists. One finger ran up her arm while with his other hand he cupped her jaw. “Why have you changed your mind?”

“I think I was wrong and you were right,” she whispered. “This is…passion.” She chose her word carefully. “And I think it needs to be dealt with.”

“You think you can deal with me?”

That old arrogance brought back her smile. “I think for one night. Yes. I can deal with you.” She had to.

Dear Reader,

I’m so thrilled you have this book, my first Harlequin KISS novel, in your hands! I’m super excited to be part of Harlequin’s newest series. I love fun, sassy stories with style, spark and a whole lot of emotion! I hope you do, too.

In this book I was very intrigued by the idea of “what if”—especially in relation to those in-the-blink-of-an-eye decisions that go on to have a profound impact on the rest of our lives. What if you had said yes to that invitation, or in this case that proposal? What if you had said no? When I think back to how my own romance played out, I realize there were definite “turning point” decisions.

So what if we made the “wrong” decision—might fate offer the chance to try again? In this book I decided to explore exactly that. But although fate might offer us a second chance, I think it is still the decisions we make as individuals that determine whether or not something is going to go the distance.

So what decision does my heroine Victoria make in this book? How does Liam react? I hope you’ll read on to find out!

I loved writing Victoria and Liam’s story and playing at fate, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve loved writing it for you.

With very best wishes,



Christmas Day, five years earlier.

They were almost all there. Her parents. Oliver’s family. Oliver’s friends. The only one missing was Stella, her rebel sister, whose name hadn’t been mentioned once in the four years since she’d left.

Victoria Rutherford looked at the pile of presents under the tree. There wouldn’t be one for Stella, of course, but she hoped there was at least one for Oliver’s friend. She stepped closer, scanning the tags for his name.


She really shouldn’t worry about it. He was Oliver’s friend, Oliver’s guest. Of course his parents would be polite enough to have something for the guy who’d only arrived in England this week.

‘You’re not going to start shaking the boxes, are you?’ a low voice murmured behind her.

She started, a smile irresistibly springing to her lips. It shouldn’t. It really shouldn’t. But he made her laugh with his comments—even just the wry expression he could shoot from his way-too-warm eyes. She’d had to stifle shivers when he’d looked at her in a way he shouldn’t. Not that he did now.

Unfortunately he’d looked at her that way the first moment they’d met—when he’d not known who she was. She was still trying to get over the embarrassment of him coming across her in the guest bathroom wrapped in nothing but a towel. He’d had clothes on but that hadn’t stopped her from noticing things she really had no business noticing.

‘Your streamers look awesome, by the way,’ Liam added.

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