The Sheikh's Princess Bride

By: Annie West

Wanted: royal bride and mother

For Sheikh Tariq of Al-Sharath, one miserable marriage was enough. With a kingdom to rule, he has no time—or wish—to find a bride, but his children need a mother.

Could Princess Samira of Jazeer be the answer? Samira has sampled passion, and it left a bad taste. With the knowledge she can’t have the children she’s always wanted, Samira steps into Tariq’s ready-made family. Her only condition? No sex!

Samira thought royal duties and her love for Tariq’s children would fill the hole in her heart, but a craving is building that only the sheikh’s touch can cure…

Abruptly, Tariq stood. Samira blinked, her gaze sliding over his amazing bronzed body.

Surely it wasn’t regret she felt because he was leaving?

Recognizing that she didn’t want him to leave stole her voice.

“That’s a start,” he murmured finally.

“A start?”

Tariq nodded. “One day soon we’ll be husband and wife in every sense of the word.”

Samira shook her head. He had it all wrong.

“Not because I demand it, but because it’s what we both want.” He leaned close, his eyes tourmaline shards that dared her to deny it. “I promise you, Samira, you’ll be with me every step of the way.” It was a threat but it sounded like a promise. A promise that sounded appallingly enticing.

She wanted to object, argue, say something to puncture his arrogant certainty. But instead her tongue cleaved to the roof of her mouth.

His gaze scorched and Samira felt the sizzle in every inch of her body. His slow smile hitched his mouth up at one side, creating a sexy groove down one cheek that made her insides tighten. He looked so utterly confident, as if he’d never had a doubt in his life.

“The next time you kiss me it won’t be because I ask, Samira, but because you want me.”

Desert Vows

Two powerful desert princes…and the only women who can tame them.

Sultan Asim of Jazeer and Sheikh Tariq of Al-Sarath are both bound by honor, duty and tradition. They’ve always known they must marry, but it will be for the good of their kingdoms—not for love. Yet now two very different women threaten the vows Asim and Tariq have always sworn to uphold.

As desire burns hotter than the desert sand, can these powerful men withstand the heat of temptation?

Find out in


February 2015


April 2015


THE DARK-HAIRED TOTS playing on the far side of the sumptuous hotel lounge held Samira’s gaze. They weren’t loud or boisterous, the middle-aged woman with them saw to that. They were just a pair of ordinary toddlers.

Yet Samira couldn’t drag her eyes away from them. She watched the progress of one little boy as he walked the length of a sofa, his fingers splayed on the silk upholstery for support. He gurgled his delight and grinned at his companion who wobbled along behind him.

Samira swallowed. That hollow feeling was back, worse now, turning into a twisting stab of hurt that knifed all the way from her womb up high under her ribs.

She tried to focus on Celeste’s animated chatter about a new restaurant. Apparently it had unrivalled rooftop views of the Eiffel Tower as well as several Michelin stars and was the new place to eat and be seen.

Samira’s stomach rebelled at the mention of food.

Or maybe it was something else that made her insides clench so hard.

The second toddler landed on his bottom, arms waving, and the woman—grandmother? Nanny?—gathered him up. Samira’s arms twitched then fell, lax and empty, into her lap.

She blinked and turned away.

Empty. That was exactly how she felt.

She would never have a child of her own to hold. The doctor had made that clear.

She’d tried so hard to regroup these past four years, and she’d come so far, but nothing could erase that searing, hollow ache within.

‘I’m so pleased you can attend tonight’s charity auction in person.’ Celeste leaned across their porcelain teacups and Samira swung her gaze back to the pretty Parisienne. ‘Bidders will adore the chance to meet the talented princess behind the gorgeous fashions. Your donation to the auction is sure to fetch a huge price.’

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