The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty

By: Michelle Smart

One incredible night…

Cara Delany shouldn’t have been surprised when Pepe Mastrangelo—world-renowned playboy—disappeared after their unforgettable night, leaving only cold sheets and X-rated memories…. Or so she thought! Four months later, with more than herself to think of, she’s forced to face the sexy Sicilian again.

One very big consequence!

When the fiery redhead Pepe couldn’t forget hurtles back into his life proclaiming he’s the father of her child, it’s a role that he never expected—or wanted. Unsure if she’s telling the truth, Pepe has five months to uncover everything about Cara, and he knows just where to start!

“I was a virgin!”

“How was I supposed to know that? You’re a twenty-six year old woman.”

Pepe thought virgins of that age were extinct, a thought he kept to himself. Cara’s skin had gone as red as her hair. He didn’t particularly fancy being on the receiving end of a slap in front of his entire family, even if she would need a stepladder to reach him.

“You used me,” she said. “You let me believe you were serious, and that we would see each other again.”

“When? Tell me, when did I say we would see each other again?”

“You said you wanted me to come to your new house in Paris so I could advise you where to place the Cannelotti painting you brought in the auction.”

He shrugged. “That was business talk. You know about art and I needed an expert’s eye.”

“You said it while dipping your finger in champagne and then placing it in my mouth so I could suck it off.”

“What’s done is done. I’ve apologized and as far as I’m concerned that’s the end of the matter. It’s been four months. I suggest you forget about it and move on.”

With that, he stalked away, striding toward Luca and Grace, ready to tell them he was leaving.

“Actually, it’s not the end of the matter.”

Something in the tone of her voice made him pause.

“It’s impossible for me to forget about it and move on.”

The Irresistible Sicilians

Dark-hearted men with devastating appeal!

These powerful Sicilian men are bound by years of family legacies and dark secrets.

But now the power rests with them.

No man would dare challenge these hot-blooded Sicilians.…

But their women are another matter!

Have these world-renowned Sicilians met their match?

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PEPE MASTRANGELO HELPED himself to another glass of red wine from a passing maid and downed it in one. His aunt Carlotta, who had taken it upon herself to shadow him since they’d arrived back at his family home, was blathering on in his ear about something or other. Probably parroting her favourite inanities about when he, Pepe, was going to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and settle down. Namely, when was he planning to get married and have babies?

Aunt Carlotta was not the only guilty party in this matter. The entire Mastrangelo clan, along with the Lombardis from his mother’s side, all thought his private life was a matter of public consumption. Usually he took their nosiness in good part, knowing they meant well. He would deflect their questions with a cheeky grin, a wink and a quip about how there were so many beautiful women in the world he couldn’t possibly choose just one. Or words to that effect. Anything but admit he would rather swim in a pool of electric eels than marry.

Marriage was for martyrs and fools, and he was neither.

He’d almost married once, when he’d been young and foolish. His childhood sweetheart. The woman who’d ripped his heart out, torn it into shreds and left an empty shell.

Now he considered that he’d had a lucky escape. Once bitten, twice shy. Only complete idiots went back for a second helping of pain if it could be avoided.

Not that he ever shared that little titbit of information with people. Heaven forbid. They’d probably try to talk him into something ridiculous like therapy.

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