The Vampire's Consort

By: Caridad Pineiro

The Vampire’s Consort

Vampire Adrian offered Eliza a choice: die of a fatal illness, or become his consort and attend to his every need. Eliza chose life, but she did not expect to fall in love—and lust—with him….

Nothing compares to the erotic excitement of watching Adrian pleasure one of his many willing companions, but she’s tired of waiting for Adrian to see her as more than his consort. She thinks she’s ready to move on with her human lover, John—until Adrian surprises all three of them with a sensual encounter that changes everything… .

Chapter One

The first time Eliza had realized the moan was one of pleasure and not pain, she should have walked away from the peephole.

But she hadn’t.

The peephole had been placed in the wall after a so-called Slayer had tried to stake Eliza’s master. Adrian had subdued the overly eager and decidedly naive young woman. In time, the Slayer had come to realize that Adrian was not only one of the white hats, but an excellent lay.

Despite the truce struck with the Slayer, Adrian had decided that the peephole was necessary for safety’s sake, along with the loaded tranquilizer gun in Eliza’s nightstand.

Luckily she’d not had a reason to use the gun, but the peephole had been another thing. Peering through it had almost become an obsession.

She used it way too often, drawn by the sight of Adrian and his lovers. Unable to yank herself away from her gorgeous master as he pleasured yet another willing woman before taking his sip of their blood as compensation for the wicked satisfaction they found in his arms.

Eliza imagined herself in those arms more than she should.

It was wrong, she knew. She was here to serve Adrian and keep his home, not to love him. But after nearly two hundred years of being his consort, it was hard to deny that was exactly what had happened.

Eliza had fallen in love with Adrian.

She loved him and lusted for him, she thought as she peered through the peephole once again and watched him move over the body of his latest companion.

The young woman was a lithe strawberry-blonde with surgically amplified breasts that barely moved as she lay on the bed with Adrian’s big body snuggled between her long, thin legs. Tanned skin which would one day be leathery contrasted sharply with Adrian’s pale alabaster perfection.

As Adrian lowered his head to suckle her breasts, Eliza’s nipples tightened in response and her sex grew heavy and damp with need.

Bracing one hand on the wall, she tugged at the belt for her robe. The silk fabric fell open, and even that subtle movement of smoothness against her body dragged a breathy sigh from her as she imagined it was Adrian’s skin along hers.

She reached up, stroking the hard nub of her nipple in time to Adrian’s movements. Mimicking his actions as he loved the woman, who was now wrapping her legs around him and urging him on with loud, almost theatrical, moans.

Sucking in a rough breath of her own, Eliza plucked at her nipples until the empty throb between her legs became nearly unbearable.

She shifted her hand downward just as Adrian likewise moved, placing a line of kisses along the woman’s midsection as he headed to her center, his ebony head of hair dark against the nest of reddish curls at the juncture of the woman’s thighs.

Black and red. Midnight and blood, the milieu of her vampire master.

Eliza could watch no longer as the scene grew too intimate to bear. Too painful.

She stumbled back toward her bed and sat on its edge, her body quivering with unfulfilled passion. With a shaky hand she fumbled with the handle of her nightstand drawer and removed not the tranquilizer gun, but a delicately carved phallus of peach-colored marble.

Closing her hand around the cool handle of the dildo, she spread her legs wide and brought its thick tip to her nether lips. With her free hand she caressed her swollen clitoris, bringing a rush of heat along her cleft. Quickly she dipped a finger down, spreading the moisture all along her lips and the cold marble. Pretended that it was Adrian’s skilled fingers doing so. That it was his cock growing warmer and thicker as the head of it breached the tight sheath of her vagina.

Moaning, she slowly pressed the dildo forward, allowing her canal to adjust to the fullness. Pausing as the hilt of the handle warned that it was time to retreat and begin the slow, steady dance that would take her to completion.

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