This Glamorous Evil(7)

By: Michele Hauf

“Oh. Sorry. That makes sense.”

“You can kiss me elsewhere.” She clutched my hand and slid it over her breast. A hard, ruched nipple beaded against my palm. “I like kisses here. It makes me squirm and gets me hot.”

Hot was necessary. Right, then. I, master of control, could do this.

Bending over her breast, I inhaled her kitten sweetness and kissed dewy skin, dragging my mouth over a nipple and drawing in her delicious aroma in deep breaths. She arched her back and I suckled her nipple, laving it like an indulgent treat. The tiny moan she gave clued me I was doing something right. So I licked the other nipple, and got the same reaction. Her body pressed along mine, skin kisses blazing deep into my pores.

She tasted exquisite, ripe and wanting, like the fruit I’d imagined. Dashing my tongue around the bud of crinkled skin, I teased it harder. Squeezing her other nipple between my fingers, I focused on her responsive movements and mewls of pleasure.

Had I not an hour earlier been toting this same woman about in a cage? Cruel of me. She deserved kindness and touches designed to summon her desirous moans. Star should not be contained, and her body spoke of its need to be set free.

I buried my face against her breasts and laved her skin, tasting her sweet eccentricities, the sameness of her, and the differences that trickled down my back like claws.

Dragging my tongue down the middle of her stomach, I boldly slipped my hand between her legs. She was so hot there, molten. I greedily stroked her, because her scent rose, coiling me in its heady spell, and my body reacted with every brush of skin.

My cock had reached maximum hardness, and I rubbed my groin against her leg, wishing the contact could be skin to skin. She didn’t push me off as if to indicate I had broken a rule, so I continued, developing a rhythm.

Rhythm was key in spellwork. Chanting the spell was only the half of it. To find a tone and pace was paramount, and with my silent actions I found the pace I would later speak.

Drawn to her luscious moist folds, I danced my tongue in and about, designing the same rhythm there. She spread her legs, welcoming my touch. She tasted ambrosial, like forbidden fruit. Exotic, in that I knew this was not how witches summoned demons, but…I needed this power. Alternating my tongue with my fingers, I stroked and slid inside her, and then teased at the swollen bud that increased her vocalizations.

Reaching down with my free hand, I squeezed my cock. I wanted to feel Star’s fingers curl around it but knew that was a definite no-no. I didn’t need to climax.

Yes, you do. You’re so hard. Must…reach…pinnacle.

No, the ultimate goal was more important. I had to focus.

Fingers stroked through my hair, igniting every nerve-ending on my scalp and shivering down my neck and tightening my nipples. She was getting inside me, burrowing into my being.

“You’re doing an excellent job, T.J.” she purred.

It was actually spoken on a purr. How sexy was that? Who cared she’d just given me encouragement—during sex. Star’s passion-laden voice melted into my very DNA.

As I stroked her clit she clawed at the sheets and her constant moans found my rhythm. Hot dew dripped over my fingers. I wanted to be inside her, filling her, drowning within her heat, feeling the squeeze of her muscles milk me to oblivion.

I unzipped, but a hand slapped over mine, keeping me from pulling out my cock. Bad witch.

“So close,” she murmured tightly. “Faster. Please.”

I stroked faster, bowing my head to her hip and closing my eyes. I loved bringing a woman to orgasm, but the lack of touch to my skin, to my engorged cock, was maddening. My body shuddered, seeking orgasm as much as hers rose to meet the incredible climax.

The smell of her sex, the rough tear of her fingernails along my forearm, the heavy, deep pants gasping—until she ceased all sound—and then cried out. Face nuzzled against her breasts, I clutched her body against mine as her hips bucked and her body quivered in passionate release.

So beautiful. So unfettered. I had released her from the cage, and I did not want to put her back.

I’d forgotten something. What? Wasn’t sure…

Like an angel landing, she sank into the bed below me with a sigh and a sexy smile. I daren’t touch her perspiration-bejeweled skin, but flickered my fingers above it, drawing in the heat, the electric energy glittering with hints of earth magic.

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